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Fast & Friendly Express Car wash is a locally owned family business dedicated to providing an excellent car wash at an affordable price. We employ a friendly team and well-trained individuals with a commitment to providing the best customer service in the industry. Our continual investment in the industry’s most cutting edge car wash equipment ensures a clean and dry vehicle in just a few minutes. Our powerful Vacutech vacuum systems are always free. We offer these services at the most outstanding value in the industry, allowing our customers to keep their vehicle clean all the time. We take great pride in our fresh and modern facilities, exceptional equipment, and incredible team.

Please don’t hesitate to stop into any of our Arizona or Utah locations if you like to learn more about us. You can also send us an email or give us a call. We love hearing from our customers!

Water Conservation

Our state of the art equipment is designed and developed to save and reclaim water. In an average 10 minute home carwash it is estimated that 150 gallons of water is wasted, that is over 1,250 pounds of water wasted every time! At Fast & Friendly Express Carwash we maximize every drop of water with every wash while still delivering an excellent wash at a great value. We are committed to keeping up with the technology that is developed to save water in the communities we serve.


At Fast & Friendly Express Carwash we take great pride in our local communities and organizations. We offer many customized programs designed to help our local organizations raise money for the good causes they serve year round. Contact us to discuss a customized program for your group with one of our fundraising experts.


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In addition to Costco Car Wash, this is the best we've ever seen ... awesome customer service. Clean as a whistle, modern equipment, great layout, and terrific employees. Next to Sun City Grand and so close there is never a reason to go anywhere else.

- John and Sharon

Love this car wash!!! Fast, easy service you pull right up pay and they give you a air freshener and a damp cloth to clean-up the inside... Once you've finished you can pull around and utilize their free vacuums... My car always comes out looking so shiny... And they have a membership... Will definitely return and have already several times...

- Stephanie L

I have a fairly new BMW 5 series, meaning I usually try to stay away from automatic car washes in fear that they might damage my car. Not this one! As others have said, they obviously designed this wash very carefully, it does an incredible job. The facilities are extremely clean. The vacuums are free and suck really hard, they have carpet mat holders and even a free carpet mat cleaning machine (don't be scared, it works great!) Plenty of shaded parking and BIG spaces as not to crowd people out. Most definitely 5/5 stars, I'll be coming back here whenever I need a wash.

- Fredward H

Great place for a fast and inexpensive car wash! Done in minutes and the car looks clean for the amount of time used! Just follow the steps and you'll be fine!

- John F

Fast & Friendly Car Wash is great. A great wash for a great price. The vacuums are free for unlimited use which is amazing. I hate having to rush trying to beat the clock as you climb around your car. Check it out!

- Penny P